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About Us


Senior Pastor Isiah L. Sheppard, Jr.

Sr. Pastor Isiah L. Sheppard, Jr., has been pastoring for more than 25 years. He is a visionary in the kingdom of God and a shepherd who is after the heart of God. He loves to see God’s people advance in the kingdom. Sr. Pastor Sheppard served many years under the leadership of the late Bishop Henry Wilson. There, he developed a strong passion for winning souls for the kingdom of God. Later, his faith expanded to share with others the importance of having a personal relationship with God the Father. In 1996, he accepted his call to pastorship, and founded the church Bread of Life Outreach Ministry where he serves as Senior Pastor.


Sr. Pastor Sheppard has a relational approach of proclaiming God’s word through transparency of his own background and life’s challenges. His approach complements his leadership style, and it attracts a large diverse congregation.  He is married to Pastor Sylvia Sheppard. In their union of 30 plus years, they have three children (Isiah, Jermaine, and Alfred). In addition to family life, Sr. Pastor loves driving tractor trailers. He is the successful founder and owner of Sheppard's Trucking where he has been self-employed for more than 20 years.

Pastor Sylvia T. Sheppard

Pastor Sylvia Sheppard is a spiritual influencer and visionary. She is the pastor at Bread of Life Outreach Ministry where she works side by side with her husband proclaiming and teaching the word of God. Pastor Sylvia has a passion for mind renewal in the body of Christ. Prophetically, she operates in the ministry of Teaching and Christian counseling. She has an intrinsic ability to prophetically instill faith into those who are in pursuit of purpose and to provide in-depth spiritual knowledge and wisdom. Aside from ministry, Pastor Sylvia is self-employed as a certified life coach.

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